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    The #TeamDMF behind the Daniel Morcombe Foundation

    Bruce Morcombe OAM

    “Our objectives in establishing the Daniel Morcombe Foundation are far reaching. We must protect our children! We can and will make a difference, ensuring that our communities are a safe place for them as it should be. Your support will assist us in providing an effective child safety awareness program and where required assist other victims of crime, especially where children are involved.”

    Denise Morcombe OAM

    “We have formed the Foundation not only to keep Daniel’s innocence alive and to honour our son, but to help other families from ever having this nightmare happen to them and our objectives are to keep an ongoing awareness program for child safety, help other victims of crime where children are involved and to keep the community vigilant on crimes against our children. Children are our future and must be protected. With your help we hope we can make a difference.”

    Daniel Morcombe

    Daniel was abducted and murdered on the 7th December 2003. He was last seen waiting for a bus on Nambour Connection Road, 2km north of the Big Pineapple, Woombye Queensland.

    The predator was arrested and charged on the 13th August 2011 with numerous serious offences including child stealing and murder. Daniel’s remains were found in bushland near the Glasshouse Mountains on the 21st August 2011.

    A public funeral service was held for Daniel on the 7th December, 2012.

    The predator was found guilty on the 13th March 2013 on all charges and sentenced to life in prison with a minimum of 20 years before he is eligible for parole.

    A friend from the very beginning, Kay McGrath has been a Patron and passionate supporter of the Daniel Morcombe Foundation since its establishment. Kay is a mother, an award-winning journalist and presenter with the Seven Network, alongside being an active advocate for child and family safety.

    “The tragic disappearance of Daniel Morcombe touched the heart of every parent. An innocent, promising young boy cruelly snatched from his family with no explanation. A genuine desire to protect and educate other young people is now the driving force behind Daniel’s family. I strongly encourage you support the Daniel Morcombe Foundation in continuing their son’s legacy and creating a safer world for our children.”

    Together, let’s support the Daniel Morcombe Foundation.”

    Kay McGrath, Channel 7 News Presenter

    Kay McGrath Channel 7 Patron

    Terri, Bindi, and Robert Irwin became Patrons of the Daniel Morcombe Foundation in late 2019, as long-term supporters and friends of the Morcombe family.

    With Australia Zoo based on the Sunshine Coast, the Irwin family have been involved in the Foundation since the early days, including participating in the filming of some of our first child safety DVDs. Many years on, the Irwin family are now internationally renowned, but their advocacy for child safety, and the protection and education for children to always feel safe remains. Along with Australia Zoo, these passionate Wildlife Warriors annually support our events and initiatives, while working hard to ensure wildlife and wild places around the world are protected. We are proud to have them on our team to help make Australia a safer place for all children.

    Committee Members

    Bruce Morcombe OAM
    Tim Ryan BA
    Denise Morcombe OAM
    John Pearce
    Dean Morcombe
    Peter Boyce OAM
    Jo Bryant
    Dr Lara Christensen (not pictured)
    Chris Austin (not pictured)

    Kim Skubris


    Sophie Monk


    Steven Bradbury


    Derryn Hinch


    Daniel Morcombe Foundation Team



    Tracey has over 25 years of experience in event and project management including marketing, media and communications. Tracey completed studies in Business and Marketing and went on to hold high level leadership roles at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games and 2003 Australian Rugby World Cup.

    Tracey now uses her leadership and communications skills to further promote the Foundation’s work and manage our fantastic team.

    Outside the Foundation, Tracey loves getting outdoors and heading to the beach with her two kids. Tracey is an avid travel and adventure lover.




    Emma is a born and bred Sunshine Coast local who initially started with the Daniel Morcombe Foundation in 2013 as a volunteer whilst studying. She officially joined the team after over 10 years in the hospitality industry, predominantly in events and sales, along with qualifications in Events, Business, and HR Management. Emma is excited to make a difference and apply her administration and events experience to help the Foundation in their commitment to Keeping Kids Safe.

    Emma loves getting outside and camping with family, along with reading and attempting to grow her own veggie garden!




    Eric has nearly 40 years experience in the field of Banking, Finance and HR. After a 16 year career with a Big Four Bank in Adelaide, Eric joined a diverse family business in Darwin with interests in printing and hospitality industries as their Group Finance/HR Manager.

    Since relocating to the Sunshine Coast in 2007, Eric has worked in Finance HR roles with large property development groups and real estate.

    Eric loves the symmetry and order of numbers and is now looking to apply his skillset to continue the success of the Foundation and the amazing work that it does in keeping kids safe.

    An avid bike rider, Eric has undertaken several 1000km charity bike rides raising money for Camp Quality and the work they do with kids suffering with Cancer.

    When not at work, Eric loves spending time with his beautiful wife Michelle and six daughters.




    Briana joined the Daniel Morcombe Foundation after several years working in various event industries, such as sport, government, corporate and weddings. She is excited to be working with the Daniel Morcombe Foundation team to deliver events that make a difference. Briana manages our annual Day for Daniel campaign, along with much-loved events the Walk for Daniel and Dance for Daniel. She grew up learning from the Foundation’s first child safety initiatives and is truly humbled to be contributing to personal safety education for children across Australia.

    Away from the office, Briana enjoys travelling, spending time with her family and taking her dog for walks on the beautiful Sunshine Coast beaches.




    Rebecca joined the Daniel Morcombe Foundation team after working in the not-for-profit space for many years, particularly in marketing, brand and design. Rebecca brings a strategic and creative approach to our design and brand at the Daniel Morcombe Foundation and works to grow and enhance our brand nationally across our events and online presence.

    In her spare time, Rebecca enjoys calligraphy, reading and spending time with her husband and daughter.




    Chantal joins the team with extensive administration experience having worked in the education sector organising trips and events, running her own businesses, and working in television and corporate communications. Chantal has also co-authored two cookbooks advocating wholesome food for kids and had a catering contract at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games! She brings organisational and administrative skills to support the Foundation team and is proud to be contributing and making a difference in Keeping Kids Safe.

    In her spare time, Chantal and her husband have a never-ending home renovation as their family evolves. She enjoys going to the beach, travelling (particularly to France), and reading, and is quite competitive when playing Monopoly with the family!




    Amanda has over 25 years’ experience designing and creating communication tools and multimedia content to support learning and development for disability services, community engagement and event management industries.

    Having recently graduated from Charles Sturt University with a Bachelor of Communication, Amanda’s passion lies in storytelling and creating content that highlights the everyday needs and achievements of the community. Making sure the community has access to information to help them achieve their goals forms the basis of this passion.

    Amanda is a keen photographer and spends her time outside the foundation exploring the Sunshine Coast.




    Nicole brings over 21 years of experience in sales, marketing, and management within the service industry. With her Bachelor of Business, Nicole has a passion to connect and engage with partners and colleagues with ease and simplicity. Building long lasting relationships has led her to grow and develop many organisations with successful results.

    Nicole loves to connect and engage with networks; she will often be using her warm interpersonal skills to develop new relationships while maintaining the Foundations existing. With a wealth of experience behind her, Nicole’s role is to develop relationships and create funding opportunities for the Foundation.

    Outside of business, Nicole can be found running on a long trail, or enjoying the salt air walking the beach with her three children.




    Nikki joins the Foundation with over 22 years experience of working in the Children and Families sector. As a qualified Teacher and Social Worker, and latterly working in management roles within both Government and Non-Government Organisations; she brings a wealth of knowledge that is very relevant to the role of National Education Manager as she leads the Education team in their continued work on Changing Futures, Keeping Kids Safe Resources and ABCSL.

    Nikki moved to the Sunshine Coast from the UK just over two years ago with her family and still pinches herself that she gets the opportunity to live in such a beautiful part of the world. When not at work, Nikki is an avid reader, is partial to the odd game of poker and is still exploring all that the Sunshine Coast has to offer.




    Georgia is a passionate advocate for children’s rights. She joined the Daniel Morcombe Foundation team after working in research and advocacy in London and relishes the opportunity to contribute to improving children’s lives in her community. Georgia works on the Foundation’s education projects and is particularly proud to work on Australia’s Biggest Child Safety Lesson, which combines her skills in research, project management, and creative expression to deliver important safety messages. Georgia is currently completing her Masters in safeguarding children and young people, in order to develop and apply her knowledge of child protection in a broad array of contexts.

    Outside the Foundation, Georgia is a dancer with ballroom training and a soft spot for line dancing.




    Claire joined the Daniel Morcombe Foundation after serving as a Queensland Police Officer, bringing her passion for children’s wellbeing. Claire’s police experience focused on encouraging community engagement and building collaboration. She is a qualified social worker, with a focus on indigenous matters and working with children, youth, and families.

    Before coming to the Foundation, Claire worked within tertiary education and research, to improve industry skills and build knowledge in hopes of implementing innovation to create more opportunities and greater support for vulnerable individuals.

    Claire loves travelling and learning about other cultures and ways of life.




    Aisha is an enthusiastic, skilled professional with 15 years of experience in community-based organisations, joining the Foundation as an Education Officer and is a key team member of the Changing Futures program.

    Throughout her career, Aisha has strived to enrich the lives of children. Aisha’s passion for a holistic approach to her work embodies child development, strengths-based practice and trauma informed care. As a registered early childhood educator and qualifications in training and assessment, she enjoys being a part of people’s learning journey.

    In her spare time, Aisha loves exploring the natural beauty of the Sunshine Coast, especially the beaches, and enjoys gardening, produce markets, cooking and spending time with her family.




    Bianca joined the Daniel Morcombe Foundation after over 20 years working as a primary school teacher, adult educator and various public service roles. Her desire to find a job where she could make a difference in the lives of children led her straight to the doorstep of the  Foundation, who she has always admired due to their child-focused passion to protect children from harm through primary prevention education strategies. She brings to the team an ability to develop user friendly resources, an intense preoccupation with discovering all the barriers that stand between children and their safety, enthusiasm levels that precariously balance on the fine line between inspiring and annoying and a bottomless jar of chocolates that has taken up permanent residence on her desk.

    In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, four children, family and friends. Bianca is inspired by people who strive to make a positive difference in the world, no matter how small it may be or how unachievable it may seem and have a genuine belief that they can.




    Jon works with schools and early learning centres to create their own fun run or fundraiser in support of the Foundation. Jon comes from an extensive background in sales and marketing as well as security and personal protection. He taught martial arts to children for 15 years, helping them to defend and protect themselves. 

    For Jon, working with the Foundation is a dream job and he is dedicated to helping raise much needed funds to ensure critical messages of child safety reach every child in Australia. Along with the Foundation, Jon believes that every child deserves a safe and happy childhood, and that there is nothing more important than the safety of children.

    When not at work, Jon loves watching his beloved Arsenal Football Club, and you can find him performing live stand-up comedy around Australia.




    Morky is big, red and loves making people smile. His hands show his safety network, reminding children there are always people they can talk to if they ever need. Morky likes travelling and sometimes visits schools for child safety presentations with Bruce and Denise.

    His favourite event of the year is the Walk for Daniel, where he catches up with his mascot friends, Emmy from Act for Kids, the DMF Elmo and Khan the Tiger from Australia Zoo. They may be different, but they are all great friends.