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    The #TeamDMF behind the Daniel Morcombe Foundation

    Bruce Morcombe OAM

    “Our objectives in establishing the Daniel Morcombe Foundation are far reaching. We must protect our children! We can and will make a difference, ensuring that our communities are a safe place for them as it should be. Your support will assist us in providing an effective child safety awareness program and where required assist other victims of crime, especially where children are involved.”

    Denise Morcombe OAM

    “We have formed the Foundation not only to keep Daniel’s innocence alive and to honour our son, but to help other families from ever having this nightmare happen to them and our objectives are to keep an ongoing awareness program for child safety, help other victims of crime where children are involved and to keep the community vigilant on crimes against our children. Children are our future and must be protected. With your help we hope we can make a difference.”

    Daniel Morcombe

    Daniel was abducted and murdered on the 7th December 2003. He was last seen waiting for a bus on Nambour Connection Road, 2km north of the Big Pineapple, Woombye Queensland.

    The predator was arrested and charged on the 13th August 2011 with numerous serious offences including child stealing and murder. Daniel’s remains were found in bushland near the Glasshouse Mountains on the 21st August 2011.

    A public funeral service was held for Daniel on the 7th December, 2012.

    The predator was found guilty on the 13th March 2013 on all charges and sentenced to life in prison with a minimum of 20 years before he is eligible for parole.

    “The tragic disappearance of Daniel Morcombe touches the heart of every parent. An innocent, promising young boy cruelly snatched from his family with no explanation. The pain is excruciating for his parents and brothers.

    A genuine desire to protect and educate other young people is helping the Morcombe family through each day. I strongly encourage you support Daniel’s family and their aim of creating a legacy for their son, a safer more secure world for our children.

    Together, let’s support the Daniel Morcombe Foundation.”

    Our Patron, Kay McGrath, Channel 7 News Presenter

    Kay McGrath Channel 7 Patron

    Committee Members

    Bruce Morcombe OAM
    Tim Ryan AM
    Denise Morcombe OAM
    John Pearce
    Dean Morcombe
    Peter Boyce OAM
    Jo Bryant
    Dr Lara Christensen (not pictured)

    Kim Skubris


    Sophie Monk


    Daniel Morcombe Foundation Team

    Tracey McAsey


    Tracey has over 25 years’ experience in event and project management including marketing, media and communications. Tracey completed studies in Business and Marketing and went on to hold high level leadership roles at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games and 2003 Australian Rugby World Cup. Tracey now uses her leadership and communications skills to further promote the Foundation.



    Georgia Grayson


    Georgia joined the team after working in the children’s rights sector in London. She is delighted to further her passion for children’s wellbeing in her own community back home in Australia. Georgia currently runs our Early Childhood Project, teaching parents and carers how to talk to children and young people about personal safety. Georgia uses her skills in events, child safety education, research and projects at the Daniel Morcombe Foundation whilst also working in the tertiary sector and as a line dance instructor.

    Rachael Witton


    Rachael joins the team after a number of years working in her own crisis management business and more recently in a variety of for purpose organisations. She has experience working in the domestic violence sector and is an advocate for early intervention and prevention for the protection of children. Rachael works to create meaningful connections in the community through various unique events, fundraising activities and enjoys connecting with supporters from all walks of life.

    Kristanna Sutton


    Kristanna joined the Daniel Morcombe Foundation after several years as an event manager within the not-for-profit and tourism sectors on the Sunshine Coast. She is thrilled to bring her event management background and passion for philanthropic and charity events to the team. Kristanna manages much loved events such as the Walk for Daniel and Dance for Daniel, and is humbled to be making a difference and contributing to the Foundation’s renowned child safety initiatives.


    Kelley Reay


    Kelley has an extensive portfolio of finance and administration working in the training and education and service sectors. Qualified in Training and Assessment, HR and Project Management. She was recognised for her work in the Training sector as recipient of Small Business of the Year. She is a registered BAS Agent and qualified Bookkeeper aligning with her Diploma in Business Management. Kelley brings strength and cohesion to the Foundation in their systems and financial reporting.



    Morky is big, red and he makes people smile. His hands shows his safety network, reminding children that there are always people they can talk to if they ever need. Morky likes travelling and sometimes comes along to child safety presentations with Bruce and Denise. He likes dancing and making people smile. His favourite event of the year is Walk for Daniel. At the Walk Morky gets to catch up with other mascots, like Emmy from Act for Kids, the DMF Elmo and the Tiger mascot from Australia Zoo. They are different and all great friends.